Wilhelm and Paul Mauser invent the modern repeater weapon, which soon came into worldwide use. The "Parabellum" brand is born.

US President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.


Paul’s son, Dr. Ing. Alfons Mauser, was a pacifist and left his father’s company to set up a sheet steel processing factory in Oberndorf/Neckar.  The "Parapacem" brand name is launched.

"Simplicissimus", the satirical weekly magazine, is established in Munich.


The company and its production facilities are transferred to Cologne.

The first railway bridge made of steel (spanning 188 m) is built near Bonn.


First attempts at manufacturing steel furniture and chairs.

Black Friday on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares lose 90 % of their value.


Purchase of production facilities in Waldeck in North Hesse and establishment of “Mauser-Werke”. Production of steel drums, as in Cologne. Augmented later by gas canisters and agricultural equipment. Mauser subsequently advances to become an international company, manufacturing drums out of steel and later out of plastics and cardboard.

The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes becomes the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


Establishment of the office furniture and seating business unit in Waldeck. Manufacture of steel tube cantilever chairs.

Max Schmeling becomes the undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.










First contract seating models are developed and manufactured. Example: Paulskirche Frankfurt

China annexes Tibet.


Mauser rounded-design desks are launched.

Power steering for cars is introduced.


Acquisition of the ADE-Arnheim safe factory in Berlin.

Elisabeth II is proclaimed Queen of England.


Because of the phenomenal success of steel furniture, what was then the most modern office furniture factory was built on a greenfield site in nearby Korbach.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay scale the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.


The Storage and Archive Systems division is established.

Germany reclaims its sovereignty. Establishment of the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces).












Acquisition of the Tresorstahl safe factory in Berlin.

Charles de Gaulle is voted out of office as President of France. His successor is Georges Pompideau.


A new revolutionary operating system for swivel chairs is developed and launched as “Tastolift”. It features operating buttons integrated into the seat, conical push/fit connections and packaging in shallow cardboard boxes.

Olympic Games in Munich




Introduction of the “ergoline” curvature as a typical design feature of Mauser desks and cabinets.

End of Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. Juan Carlos I  becomes King of Spain.


Market launch of the new “Ergomat” swivel chair system with a synchronous action and a modern rounded design. The “very fast” vertically stacking chair (570 Series) goes into production.

At Camp David/USA, foreign ministers Vance (USA), Dayan (Israel) and Kamaal (Egypt) negotiate a peace settlement for the Middle East.   


Mauser Werke GmbH becomes Mauser Waldeck AG.

The computer language ADA is developed. The first ever application software for PCs - VISICALC – is marketed.


The first process-controlled cabinet welding machine goes into operation at the factory in Korbach.

IBM launches its personal computer (officially called a PC) with the DOS operating system. DOS becomes the global standard.


Launch of the first linkable workstation system with cable management plus matching cabinets – 3000 Series

The metre is redefined as the distance that light covers in 1/299792458 seconds.


Market launch of the “genius” swivel chair system.

The treaty for the return of the colony of Hong Kong in 1997 is negotiated and signed by Great Britain and China.


The factory in Korbach is upgraded. Acquisition of a 59.2 %  stake in Goldbach Raumsystem GmbH.  The Rothenberger brothers acquire a majority shareholding in Mauser Waldeck AG. Acquisition of the remaining shares in Goldbach Raumsystem GmbH.

Germany wins the Davis Cup with Boris Becker, Michael Stich and Eric Jelen.

Death of Franz Josef Strauss.


Establishment of branches in Eastern Germany in Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt.

The Soviet Union disintegrates. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are the first to declare their independence.

Germany wins the World Cup.

FRG and GDR hold talks on unification. In October the GDR ceases to exist.




The “Mauser Office” brand is launched.

Czechoslovakia (CSSR) breaks up to be replaced by the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Michele de Lucchi designs the modul 4000 workstation system for Mauser.

The Channel Tunnel goes into operation.


New products are launched:

- AM 2 cabinet system  - Design: Michele de Lucchi
- consilio table system  - Design: Lepper, Schmidt, Sommerlade
- evento multipurpose chair - Design: Kerstin and Volker Bartlmae

Dusseldorf-based Rheinmetall acquires a majority shareholding in Mauser Waldeck AG.

The agreement governing the new spelling rules for the German language is signed in Vienna.


The Dutch office furniture manufacturer, Ahrend BV, acquires a majority shareholding in Mauser Waldeck AG.

A World Fair is staged for the first time in Germany – “Expo 2000” in Hanover.


Ahrend withdraws from Mauser.

Mauser Waldeck AG and Mauser Office GmbH go into administration.

At the World Cup in Japan Germany loses to Brazil (0:2) in the final.


24.10. The long-serving Mauser employees

Michael Papenheim (Sales)
Klaus Schrewe (R&D)
Bernd Teppe (Production)

establish Mauser SitzKultur GmbH & Co.KG and buy out the entire seating division of Mauser Office GmbH. Production of familiar Mauser seating models is restarted at rented premises in Diemelstadt.

The Transrapid links Shanghai with its airport 30 km away in Pudang at a speed of 400 km/h.



Together with an investor, the founders of Mauser SitzKultur acquire the Mauser Waldeck AG subsidiary, Systemmöbel Dessau GmbH, enabling the particle board office furniture manufacturer to continue operating from its base in Dessau.

The French and Dutch populations reject ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.


Mauser SitzKultur purchases extensive factory premises in Twistetal-Berndorf and transfers production from Diemelstadt.

Cooperation with the well-known Italian seating manufacturer, SITIA.

Conclusion of an exclusive sales & distribution agreement for SITIA products in Germany.

Financial and economic crisis shapes world events.


ROTTA Polstertechnik GmbH & Co.KG established jointly with a partner. Mauser SitzKultur holds a 50% stake.

First time attendance at ORGATEC in Cologne and launch of new products:
- genius II swivel chair system - Design: Eckhard Hansen / Prof.  Gerhard Reichert
- Conference and multipurpose chairs:  Chilla and Chilla Swing Design: - uniteddesignworkers

SME Grand Prix.



Red Dot Design award for genius II Model 456.


Mauser SitzKultur underlines its status as a forward-thinking company by addressing the issues of infrared heat and energy cost savings.

19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut wins the 55th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on 29 May 2010. Germany wins gold for the first time in 28 years.



The HSG Bad Wildungen Ladies team is promoted to the 1st Division of the Team Handball Bundesliga. Mauser SitzKultur has sponsored the team for several years (having started when the team played in the 3rd Division).

The Women’s Soccer World Cup is staged in Germany for the first time.



Die Markteinführung der neuen Drehstuhlserie 440 favorite findet großen Anklang. Von der Wirtschaftsredaktion facts wird das neue Drehstuhlmodell mit einem sehr gut bewertet.

Die Olympischen Spiele 2012 (XXX. Olympiade) fanden vom 25. Juli bis 12. August in London statt. Die Eröffnungsfeier fand am 27. Juli statt. Nach 1908 und 1948 war die Hauptstadt des Vereinigten Königreichs zum dritten Mal Gastgeber der Olympischen Spiele.



Der chilla Clubtisch findet großen Anklang. Von der Wirtschaftsredaktion facts wird der Wendetisch als "Tipp der Redaktion" in der Ausgabe 8/2014 vorgestellt.

Die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft der Männer fand nach 1950 zum zweiten Mal in Brasilien statt. Weltmeister wurde zum vierten Mal Deutschland, das im Endspiel Argentinien 1:0 besiegte. Gastgeber Brasilien verlor im Halbfinale 7 : 1 gegen die deutsche Mannschaft.




Die wegweisende Entwicklung des Rotationsstuhls 360 °/ MOVO nimmt Fahrt auf. Erste Bestellungen treffen ein.

Bei der 12. Handball-Europameisterschaft in Polen wird Deutschland Europameister 



Markteinführung der interaktiven Platznummer. Die neue elektronische Platznummer basiert auf der E-Ink-Technologie (elektronisches Papier, wie eBook-Reader).
Ev. Stadtmission Freiburg ordert für die Pauluskirche und den Saal Stühle des Modells m 581 und m 529 trendstyle. Außerdem werden noch über 350 Sitzeinheiten aufgearbeitet.
Helmut Kohl (* 3. April 1930 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein) stirbt am 16. Juni 2017 ebenda). Er war von 1969 bis 1976 dritter Ministerpräsident des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz. Er führte von 1982 bis 1998 als sechster Bundeskanzler der Bundesrepublik Deutschland eine CDU/CSU/FDP-Koalition und ist damit der Amtsinhaber mit der längsten Dienstzeit. Quelle: Wikipedia



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